“Make a positive difference ”

Thierry has made a career in large groups in the medical device industry, holding various sales management positions. Over the past twenty years, Thierry has worked with his teams on the commercial development of brain monitoring solutions for surgical patients. Over time, he learned to appreciate the technical and adoption limits of these devices. Thierry has put a lot of meaning into the prevention of postoperative neuro-complications in vulnerable patients. He wanted to improve their support. To that he designed a solution, formed a team and created Braindex.

“The most beautiful form of intelligence: probably the ability to question yourself”

Pierre is an engineer in electronics and signal processing. He completed a thesis in science at the Clinical Center of Technological Innovation of Lille University Hospital, during which he developed an smart and non-invasive multi-sensor system for the beat-by-beat acquisition of the fetal heart rate. Pierre has produced numerous prototypes in the medical technology sector, as well as set up a subcontracting chain. When setting up Braindex’s partnership with CIC IT – Lille University Hospital, Pierre and Thierry got to know each other and to work together. They decided to unite their efforts for a common goal of improving the neurological management of operated patients.


“The only thing we never tire of : learning ”

Benoît has twenty years of clinical experience in anesthesia and perfusion in cardiac surgery. It was around the technical and commercial challenges of brain protection for operated patients that Thierry and Benoît got to know each other. Driven by the same desire to improve the care of the most vulnerable patients, Benoît joined the project. He put his experience and his commitment, first to the service of an industrial group in order to help it understand and remove the barriers to market access for its brain monitoring solutions, then within Braindex to push the boundaries.



The Clinical Investigation Center – Technological Innovation team of Lille University Hospital is an INSERM-labeled unit specializing in the processing of physiological signals, in the development of medical and monitoring devices, in the ergonomics of Human-Machine Interfaces. It is in its business incubator that Braindex has established its premises, finding there an environment conducive to the pursuit of its research work. CIC – IT is notably behind the spin off MDoloris and its monitoring parameter for intraoperative analgesia ANI.


CRAN is a CNRS – Lorraine University joint research unit. The team in its Biosys department is specialized in bio-photonics and in 3D images reconstruction of biological tissues. CRAN is at the origin of diagnostic devices linked to skin cancer or even to the brain. It is in partnership with its team and within its facilities that Braindex carries out its simulation, experimentation and optical modeling work.